Spiritual Economics front cover“Spiritual Economics” is a cross-disciplinary study combining psychology, economics and the spiritual science of the Vedas to explain why there is vulture capitalism, cut-throat competition, unending economic hardship, exploitation, inequity, and struggle in this world. Spiritual Economics explains why present economic methods can do nothing to solve these problems, reveals the actual source of our economic problems, and explains the only factual solution that can create an economy that serves everyone. Spiritual Economics also explains the origin and solution of our ecological problems.

There is a link between economic activity and human consciousness. Economics is not a physical science like electromagnetism that works according to natural laws. It is a set of ideas entirely created by human beings. The most important side of the economic equation therefore, is the human side, but this side is totally neglected in all discussions of economics. Since economics is a man-made creation, if we want to understand the economic problem and its solution we must understand how and why human beings act in this world. That will give us the insight needed to properly adjust all of the parameters of the economic calculus to get the desired result.  Employing the spiritual wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita, Spiritual Economics explains the behavior of spiritual beings living in a material world. This has everything to do with economic activity.

Spiritual Economics also traces out, and explains, the historical drift from the gift economy found in many indigenous cultures to the economic exploitation taking place today.

Spiritual Economics analyzes economic behavior as a function of human consciousness, and explains the development of consciousness using concepts from the Vedic worldview. As such it offers a perspective that is entirely absent from all other economic analyses. The serious reader of this website is encouraged to acquaint themselves with the Vedic worldview as a first step to understanding Spiritual Economics.

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  • Two days ago I finished the Spiritual Economics. I found the book extremely informative as well as very well written and researched. I clearly understood many things about the workings of our so called modern society in a much clearer and detailed light, and the book also helped me understand much more deeply many of Prabhupada's teachings regarding our degraded society.
    The book was amazingly informative for my level of understanding. It was perhaps the best read I have had in years. It made me want to live 100% organic, simple living, high thinking! Spiritual Economics is a book I will never forget I read, and it helped shape my understanding of our philosophy in an invaluable way. I am looking forward to Part 2.
    Ajit Krishna Dasa
  • I just finished your book on Spiritual Economics and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it.  I worked as a mortgage broker for a very long time,  and much of this is very familiar to me.  Explaining the fiat dollar monetary system and the Federal Reserve to the layman is quite a feat, but you did a nice job with that. Thank you for writing such an important book.
    Nan Morano-Noland, Ojai, California
  • Thanks for this work. I must admit, if I didn't know from my very own experience that it was true I would have a hard time to accept all this. But it is true! Dammit.
    Till Frischmuth, Ph.D., Germany
  • Yesterday I purchased my third copy of spiritual economics to send as a gift. I am so pleased and excited with this literary offering. Spiritual economics is a gem in the wisdom treasury.
    Malina Berman, Tucson, Arizona
  • I am about halfway thru your wonderful book. It is a masterpiece in my opinion. A seminal work, well-researched and well thought out. Well done! Your most appreciative fan,
    Drew Lawrence, Ireland
  • Prabhu, I read your book Spiritual Economics. I loved that book."
    Ankit Vora, USA
  • You have such a wide expanse of experience and have encompassed so much, including psychology and psychiatry besides politics, economics and spirituality. I also learned a lot about money matters and the deals done by bankers.”
    Harsad Desai, England
  • Your book "Spiritual Economics" is the best I have read in 30 years, and the best application of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings on politics I have seen. Сongratulations on a truly deeply thought through and insightful presentation. The giant themes that you develop extremely well are very persuasive. Thank you for this very impressive effort."
    William Ogle, Atty. USA
  • I am almost finished reading your book “Spiritual Economics”. I found it so interesting, stimulating, and faithful to the Gita. Brilliant work!"
    Gaurangi Dasi, France
  • I read your writing about Spiritual Economics and found it very compelling. There are many thousands of people looking for alternative ways to live in harmony with each other and with the world around them. Your presentation of spiritual economics will offer them an awareness of this alternative.”
    Niranjana Swami, ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner
  • Spiritual Economics marks a historic leap forward in the scholarly presentation of Krishna consciousness. It is immensely enlivening to see Krishna consciousness presented so expertly, comprehensively and cogently in a field that has not ever been attempted."
    Chaitanya Charan, Pune, India

"Life’s real pleasure is giving and not getting, but our present economic structure has made this natural pleasure so difficult to perform that we see ourselves developing into selfish people. So if we consciously reform the economic system in such a way to produce an environment which promotes the pleasure of giving, naturally this will awaken the spiritual values in the heart of men, ultimately finding fulfillment in giving to Krishna (God), and to all around us." - Dhanesvara Das

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