Max Keiser on Shadow Banking

Max Keiser on Shadow Banking

Max Keiser Tells It Like It Is

If you follow economic reporting you most assuredly have come across Max Keiser. If there is any truth in economic reporting Max Keiser is it. He came onto the scene (or my scene anyway) during the 2008 economic debacle reporting for Al Jazeera, when he most straightforwardly said that the debacle was nothing but a huge fraud due to collusion between the bankers and the government, and that the head of the Federal Reserve, the President’s economic advisors, and other members of the government were all shysters who were robbing the taxpayers of trillions of dollars and should be tried under the RICO racketeering laws. And we love how he says it with flair. He’s been saying the same thing ever since because the bankers and government agents have continually given him grist for his mill as there is no end, and no limit to the amount of lying, cheating, stealing, and deception taking place as the psychopathic banksters rob the people of the world.

Max now has a regular program on Russia Today, Let me give you a taste of Max if you haven’t seen him before, and even if you have you will love this segment in which he and his co-host Stacey Herbert discuss the shadow banking system. I will comment on this video below. You may want to view the entire episode, but my comments will apply only to the first 17 minutes.

Money Madness

In this discussion Max and Stacey explain the shadow banking system and the extent to which it operates. Stacey reports that the amount of money in the shadow system grew an amazing $41 TRILLION between 2002 and 2011. That is growth, not the total amount, which is estimated at some $75 Trillion, around half of the total money supply! And of the half that is on the books, a large percentage of that is fraudulently accounted for. That means that some 75% of money transactions are not reported or accounted for in any way!Government serves business at the expense of the people

This is money fever—“I’ and ‘mine’ fever. Madness. Money madness has gripped the people dealing with large sums of it. They are insanely trying to increase ‘their’ wealth. Money has become their aphrodisiac, inflaming their lust to get more and more… Insider trading, hedge funds, shadow banking system, all the big accounting firms, as well as the government agents who are supposed to keep everything in check are all committing massive fraud and collusion. As Max very correctly states, the austerity is a response because there is no leadership, or government doing their job.

We must be careful not mistake the effect for the cause, which is what most analysts do. They get the headlines for being able to sus out the problem. They expose the cheating. But, Not understanding how the world works they don’t understand the root of the problem, and therefore cannot suggest any solution besides, as Max does here, suggesting the lynching of the banksters. But the lying, cheating, stealing, fraud and collusion are not the cause—they are the effect—the effect of tamo-guna, the consciousness determinant of illusion pervading all of human society. This video is a wonderful demonstration of the influence of tamo-guna in economic affairs. But the same influence is operating in every other sphere of life—family life, civic affairs, legal affairs, entertainment—you name it—it is obvious that the quality of life is in freefall, a race to the bottom.

Understanding the Problem and the Solution

Due to what? The influence of tamo-guna which destroys people’s ability to sustain themselves. The Vedic worldview clearly explains how this world works and we can see it happening before our eyes. And understanding this influence we immediately know the cure, the solution. We know how to solve the economic problem(s), all of them—by reducing the in influence of tamo-guna by increasing the influence of sattva-guna, the quality of goodness, and suddha-sattva, the quality of pure goodness. [to better understand the gunas, please read the essential background information].

Without having a crystal ball, if the behavior of the common people does not change, we can confidently predict the future—war, destruction of all finer human sentiments and virtue, destruction of anything of value, and with that untold death, misery and suffering. The same as has happened with every other culture in Western history.

Keiser’s suggestion to hunt down the bankers and rid the world of this scourge, can’t solve the problem, because it doesn’t actually address the underlying problem. The bankers are certainly part of the problem, but only a part of the problem. And the mass of people, yes, the 99%, are part of the problem too! — because they contribute to the influence of tamo-guna through their own actions and behavior. The problem is not the bankers, not the money system, not the governments, and not even the illuminati (if you want to go that far). The problem is the degraded human consciousness due to the overwhelming influence of tamo-guna!

Fortunately, the solution does not require that we lynch anybody or even force anybody else to change. If we really get it, what is actually going on, all we have to change is ourselves. It is not necessary for the 99% to change the 1% by protest or force. And neither can good be achieved by violent revolution, because the influence of tamo-guna will continue. We simply have to change ourselves. If we will give up our activities of tamo-guna, if we give up the primary activities of tamo-guna—unnecessary animal slaughter for food, prostitution and pornography, speculative gambling of all sorts—yes, including the stock market, and all forms of intoxication, these major components of tamo-guna, thereby reducing its influence, the world will change. Change the cause and you change the effect. The fever will be relieved and sanity will return. How to achieve this change is spelled out clearly in our book, and everyone can make a difference.

It is possible to save this world, but it depends on you. Every individual person can make the difference. So, what will you do to change your future and the future of the world?


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