The Spiritual Culture – Varnashrama Dharma

Today’s world is organized by money alone. Money actually accomplishes this very efficiently. There are some important aspects of a proper society that are overlooked by this arrangement however. Among them are the organization of people according to their natures so that they do work that they actually like to do. Statistically some 60-80 percent of workers do not like their jobs. What a waste of human life!

But there are other ways to organize society, and the best one comes directly from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He has given us the varnashrama social system that is oriented toward the material and spiritual benefits of all humanity.

There is a great deal to say about this and a book is planned. For the time being I am giving a series of lectures to elaborate on the concepts. This material is for those who are familiar with the Vedic worldview. It is not introductory. It requires a working understanding of the Bhagavad-gita at a minimum.

The lectures are available from my file share site with Russian translation, and in video format with Lithuanian translation. Sorry, there are no English-only lectures at this time. The folder of audio lectures are available from here. In this folder there are 11 lectures by myself and 6 lectures by Bhakti Vidya Purna Maharaja from his Varnashrama Dharma seminar in Mayapura in 1999. Each are simply labeled in order, and the titles give no information as to the content. I find some exceptions to Maharaja’s presentation, mainly surrounding issues of wealth and money (what else would you expect? 🙂 ), but they are not that significant at this point. In my audio lectures I speak from the verses of the Srimad-Bhagavatam that speak directly about Varnashrama Dharma, using them as segue to clarify what the varnashrama culture was earlier, why it is needed, the manners in which it works, the benefits to society, and so on.

The video lectures are available below.

The list of topics includes to be covered in the video lectures are (basically in order although there is overlap):
1. Varnashrama gives us a place from which to grow
2. Explanation of the varnas
3. What is culture? The spiritual source of varnashrama culture
4. Ashrama are for purification of material conditioning
5. Brahmana by second birth (diksa)
6. Difference between varnashrama and Daiva-varnashrama
7. Varnashrama culture as it was
8. Varnashrama culture as it will be in the future
9. Varnashrama as a process
10. Economics of Varnashrama Dharma
11. Politics of Varnashrama Dharma
12. Relationship between the varnas
13. Role of women in Varnashrama Dharma
14. Varnashrama culture compared to present ISKCON culture
15. Dharma Shastra and duties the varnas and ashramas

We shall add material here as it is developed.

Varnashrama Seminar #1 (Kaunas 27Dec10)

Varnashrama Seminar #2 (Kaunas 28Dec10)

Varnashrama Seminar #3 (Kaunas 29Dec10)


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